when will i receive D27 form?

joe pasha

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i am disqualified until 12 feb, currently not in uk until next year.
i want to know when, what date DVLA will send me D27 form? and is there any chance to change my address online because i don't live in that address which is registered with DVLA?
I have heard 56 days before the end of your disqualification period. as i am not currently in uk i really want to know how to calculate the 56 days.

sorry for such a silly question.

thanks guys

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It is sent out 56 days before your ban ends, or 90 days if you are a high risk offender.
You do not have to use the D27, you can get a D1 from a post office.
When you fill that in to apply, you tell them the new address on there. You have to have a UK address to apply.