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Study sponsored by Department of Transport looking for people who have been caught drink driving to take part in telephone interview. More details here.

What will gappen in this situation-insurance void and car a write off


New member
So I wrote my car off in an accident and have been convicted for drink driving.

My insurance is void because if the DD charge but I still owe £5,000 to the car loan company.

I've received a default notice from the car finance company. Anyone been in this position? Will they let me to continue to pay off the finance in installments ? It's all a massive mess. I definitely can't pay all in one go


TTC Group
Why have they served a default notice? They wouldn’t default you just because you had an accident....
If You have stopped payments, then you should offer to resume the payments straight away, otherwise, yes they will want a lump sum or probably take action against you.


TTC Group
Could it be to do with the insurance? Was that a part of the deal, and as your insurance has refused to pay out (as they do for your car when drink driving is involved) your insurance is now void and the finance is conditional on having insurance?
Have You asked the finance company if you can continue with the payments? One of the things the judge looks at if it did get to court is “has the respondent made reasonable attempts at making payment for the debt?” If you have, then it is unreasonable to take you to county court over the debt.