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Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place but I'm still finding my way round here.

I know the question has been posed several times but would just appreciate clarification. My son has been banned for 16 months (reduced to 12 with the driving rehabilitation course). His insurance ends around December on a policy he currently pays monthly. He has 2 named drivers on there currently, tho he has always been the main driver and is the owner and registered keeper. He had considered selling the car but has a loan for it and would likely lose money on it so is now considering keeping it and either having it insured in one of the other drivers names or declaring it Sorn. we don't have a garage but its currently on the far side of our drive, mostly boxed in by the 2 other cars at this address.

My questions are...firstly is he better off calling the insurance company and cancelling his policy without giving reasons why, or does he have to inform them of his ban, risking they may cancel the policy themselves and meaning he'd have to declare he's had insurance cancelled when he comes to re-insure? Secondly would he have to inform them of his ban if he asks the remainder of the policy be transferred to one of the named drivers, and thirdly, if he decides to keep the vehicle off the road totally, Sorns it and leaves it uninsured on the drive would it be covered by our house insurance if it was stolen, vandalised, or in the unlikely chance hit by an uninsured vehicle that may leave the road?

Many thanks in advance.
I think he may have problems with insurance if he takes his name off, as the owner, just leaving 2 named drivers.
The loan agreement may require him to have insurance on the vehicle during the loan period, this is something that he should check before deciding what to do.
subject to that, he could declare it SORN. You are right to say that he is better off cancelling the policy himself rather than telling the insurance company and then finding that they cancel the policy, because of the future effects this would have on the next policy.
i doubt that house insurance would cover a car, this is normally something that requires its own insurance. In any case, it would probably have to be a "specified item" because of its value. You could ring your household insurer to check.....


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Thank you for replying. So in short he'd be better off cancelling his insurance, then either declaring the car SORN for the year, or one of the named drivers taking out insurance in their own names. Both bringing its own set of problems. Keeping it off the road meaning it should have some kind of 3rd party insurance, plus the maintenance to keep it in good order while it stands there. If one of the current named drivers insures it in their name but he remains the registered owner and keeper will that cause any problems, as I've previously read it may be better to sign over ownership in the short term to the main driver? Fortunately the loan is an unsecured personal loan and I don't think they even wanted to know what the loan was for, as long as they get their money each month, but thank you for pointing that out as I don't think it would even have crossed our minds.

At the moment he's considering moving it to an area of the drive not easily visible, putting a decent steering lock on it, and covering it with a tarpaulin/car cover and not insuring it at all...which concerns me somewhat.
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