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What now


New member
I blew 44 on the roadside after a RTI. I was driving home having been called out to give someone an urgent lift home, a deer ran in front of me on a narrow country lane, I braked hard and turned hard right to avoid it. I still don't know if I hit it! I ended up with my car on its side all airbags deployed, it's a right off. The whole journey would have taken me approximately 15-20 mins.
I was very shaken and in pain to say the least.
I am a 54 year old female weigh 110lbs and disabled. I had a large glass of G&T at home started drinking it at around 6pm and had just finished it around 10.30 - 50ish pm. I'm going to hazard a guess at maybe 5 or 6 pub measures. I was tested at 11.30 PM. I found the test very difficult due to the airbag contents making me cough and being in so much pain. After being arrested the ambulance turned up, the police wanted me to go the station took all my belongings, then an arguement ensued between paramedics and police,about who was taking me where, my son then arrived, made it very clear I needed my night meds asap That I have a spinal disease and had to go to hospital. So hospital it was, I needed to be there due to my injuries. Anyway a police doctor turned up and took blood at 3.18am. I had a male and female officer at my bedside the entire time, I had told them how the accident happened, why I was driving, my speed of around 45-50 on a 60 mph road, having had 10m of morphine and using gas and air. After the blood test they gave my daughter 1 bag and told me they'd be in touch as it could take a few months to come back, then left.
I'm home now feeling very stupid and pretty uncomfortable. I can't believe I didn't even think about driving after drinking as it wasn't like I'd been out or felt drunk or even tipsy.
I know I'll loose my license but with this is also any independence I had, as I'm not very mobile and drive a motability vehicle and no longer work due to my disability.
What happens now, I'm so depressed and confused.
Thank you in advance of any replies.


New member
I should add the medications I mentioned were administered in the hospital whilst I was waiting to be assessed.

Drew B

Well-known member
Hi MissT, everyone here has been were you are at now. Initially you will have a whirlwind of emotions to deal with, then the loss of your license and the aggro it causes - but it does get better. Just give yourself some time and plan ahead. It's shitty at first, but posting on here has helped to keep me sane


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With a breath reading of 44 you will be in the lowest sentencing bracket. We all understand how you feel, I felt like an idiot for months after losing my licence but you learn to live with it and then the time flies in. The police are normally prompt enough with getting their tests done so it may not be a few months before you hear. In the mean time I would have to sample they gave to you tested to know where you stand. You aren't alone in this, everyone on this forum has been through the process. The first few months are tough but it does get better.


New member
Thank you for your kind replies and the advice on getting the sample I have tested, I didn't realise I could do that.
I am still recovering from the injuries sustained from the accident and don't think the impact of my actions have really hit me completely yet. I think today is going to be hard as my car is being recovered from the police pound. I've got to go and arrange everything that goes with that side of things.I haven't seen the car yet, my son took pictures at the scene and said he couldn't believe I got out alive, I've not been able to look at them. Maybe seeing the car will help.
Finding this site is a God send. Thank you again, I'll update you as things progress.

Drew B

Well-known member
Good luck for today MissT, and remember to take care of yourself physically too. Eat properly, try to sleep and keep a routine going.
Sometimes the temptation is to curl up in a ball and shut off from everything. I was involved in a crash, my car was badly damaged too so I know how you feel. It sucks big time, but it's a learning curve. Reading the threads here helps too because you don't feel so alone


TTC Group
There is a good chance that you will actually be under the legal limit when the blood sample is tested.
The roadside test is only an indication, they are not evidence.
Your reading could have still been going up if you had recently stopped drinking but there was then a period of almost 4 hours before the blood sample was taken.
If your account is accurate then you should have been under the limit at 3.18am.
Your only worry then is if the police ask for a “back calculation” to see what your reading would have been at the time of the accident. As you were the only person involved in the accident this is less like than if you had injured others.
You may have to wait several weeks, even 3-5 months before you hear from the police. For your own peace of mind you might like to get the sample you were given analysed, you will then know in a week what the actual result is going to be.