Weed Smoker

I have been banned twice within ten years. I don't have a problem with drink just I have a problem when am drunk so I just get stoned now and have done for ten years.

thing is I have a medical and wondered if I said no I don't smoke weed would it be picked up I mean am not actually arsed if they refuse tbh just don't wanna get another tally on my criminal record which I can proudly say are all spent convictions.

I smoke at least 2 gram a day, I wouldn't say it was the strongest or the best weed but it is hazes cheese some occasional kush.

from what I have gathered people only know what you tell them and I have never advised my gp of me smoking weed although I have been arrested with cocaine in my system in the past on separate charges for disorderly around 12 years ago. And went to me Dr about 2 years ago asking for some support in relation to cocaine. I last took coke on me 30th birthday like December so will pass that like.

any advice in relation to my predicament would be welcomed.
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