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Urgent advice needed please


New member
My boyfriend who is registered legally blind got very drunk on the 3rd April this year. After an argument with me, he pushed me and stole my car keys without my knowledge. He then proceeded to steal my car and drove it whilst drunk and high on drugs and ended up crashing into my neighbors house. The house now has structural damage and the occupants were injured. The female occupant sustained a cut and bruise above her eye caused by flying debris. Her baby also suffered from cuts and abrasions and they have subsequently been moved to safer housing.
The car was a complete write off, airbags had deployed and the front suspension had been ripped off, indicating the driver was travelling at considerable speed. The house is situated in a 30mph zone.
My questions are: is he likely to go to prison and for how long?
Why is his case taking so long to go to court?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated,
Many thanks for your time
The answers to your questions would depend on what offence your boyfriend has been/is to be charged with charged with. Has he been charged with an offence and if so, what is the specific wording of his charge?