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Hi, I am looking for a bit of advice.

Quite recently I was on my way to pick up a friend when a stolen car, that was chased by police at high speed, lost control and crashed in to me. My car was badly damaged, the roof had to be cut off as well as drivers door to get me out. Luckily for me there was about 4 police cars chasing and it happened near the hospital so there was plenty people to help me, but the people they chased got away. When medics got me on the stretcher and moved in to ambulance they preformed few tests and strapped me down but before we left for hospital a police officer tested me for drugs and alcohol.

I had not had anything to drink but I smoked a joint with a fried couple hours earlier, I also must say that I am a regular smoker. The test showed that I have cannabis in saliva so couple police officers were sent to the hospital with me.

5 hours later, after x-rays and medical staff clearing me the police doctor took the blood test for the analysis.

I am a bit confused as to what to expect now. I understand that there will be a court at some point but at no point I was arrested or advised that I will need to attend the police station. They only gave me the second part of bool sample and said that I can test it independently.

Thanks for any advice.
If you have not been bailed to attend the police station at any time then the police will simply issue a summons if you are to be charged with an offence. If you have only smoked one joint of cannabis and your blood sample has only been taken several hours later I would be very surprised if this came back suggesting you were over the limit. If you would like peace of mind over this issue you can of course have your own specimen tested.
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