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Study sponsored by Department of Transport looking for people who have been caught drink driving to take part in telephone interview. More details here.

TTC Rehab Course.


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I just completed the TTC Drink Driving Rehab Program.
It is entirely a coincidence taking this one when Price here, who has helped me a lot, happens to work for them.

I’m not going to state everything that happened over the 2.5 days, as it’s been done lots, and they are all going to be similar.

I might have a slightly different perspective to some, since I am already a third of the way through the compulsory DID Program, which I have to do in addition to this optional course. The TTC course got me 7 months off the 30 month ban. The DID Program gets me didly-squat.

Looking at other reviews below, you need to know that if you think the 2.5 day Program is too long... then be very grateful you aren’t on DID. The TTC course has delivered more in 2.5 sessions than the 5 sessions of DID. And there are 10 more DID sessions to go for me. I have seen pissed (drunk) people show up on both of my courses, which annoys me no end.

It is absolutely possible that the Rehab Program could be shorter. But so could any course. I run courses myself presenting IT services, and do exactly the same. There is a standard presentation method, used universally, where you start each session with ground rules, fire-exits, toilets, etc. You start each session reviewing what you did last time. You start each session reviewing what you are about to do. Then you do what you need to do. You then end each session reviewing what you just did. This means that the review bits alone add at least 33% of pointless time to the course, and you spend less time learning than you do discussing what you are about learn/what you just learned.

That aside, the TTC course did need the 3 days. I did actually learn a lot, and I got reaffirmation of stuff I already knew. It was definitely a worthwhile thing to do.

There is no need to be scared/nervous of the course. There is a carthartic thing about being able to talk with a bunch of strangers about something that you maybe can’t tell other people. You are all in the same boat, and nobody judges you. The attendees range from proper nutters with records going back years, to people who have made their first ever mistake.

Our instructor was a lovely lady. She knew her stuff, but she took no shit. The simple summary is... this is what you did wrong... and this is what you need to do so you don’t do it again. You can’t say fairer than that.

I walked off this course today with a guy I’d never met before, and will never meet again. We both agreed that this really, really, wasn’t so bad.... and was very much worth a 25% band reduction.
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Glad you got a lot out of the TTC course.
At the beginning I always tell clients that the opportunity to talk openly with other drink drivers is part of the “therapy” of the course. They look very sceptical but by the end they understand what I meant.
Not sure which trainer you had, if you PM me her name, or the course location and the date it started I will make sure that your views are convened to her. We don’t do feedback sheets at the end of courses now, which I think is a shame. Feedback, even negative stuff, is all part of the learning process.


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I’ll PM you mate. As I say, I got a lot out of this. She really is a credit to your organisation. I told her and this bunch of strangers more about my situation than I have probably told anyone else. To all you fellow criminals... book the TTC course - you won’t regret it. There is no awkwardness, or anything to be scared of. To Price ... she is definitely expecting a feedback form :-D