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Study sponsored by Department of Transport looking for people who have been caught drink driving to take part in telephone interview. More details here.

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TTC Drink Driving Awareness Course review


Just finished mine today.
As I am in N. Ireland I don't think you have a choice of provider - I presume they won the tender for doing the courses.
All round - Excellent. Our "Leader" was brilliant - hilarious when it was light-hearted, but as strict as anything when she needed to be - it was more like a group chat round a table than a lecture, but I learned a lot - and I thought I already knew a lot!
The questions I asked which she could not answer - she didn't try to bluff them or anything, simply explained that she wasn't a doctor or a specialist in liver health or metabolism - and that everyone is different.
Very welcoming, to everyone from the "just passed my test a couple of years ago" chav, to the very elderly lady on the course, and everyone in between. No arguments, but encouraged everyone to take part and join in the discussion.
It does seem a shame to "waste" 2 Saturdays - but I appreciate that not everyone can take time off work when they please - and actually, I would far rather have been at the course than at work! Time flew by like I couldn't believe.

So here is a thanks to TTC, and our leader (who I won't name unless asked to by the TTC rep on here, and with her permission) - she was brilliant, and the course has changed a hell of a lot about the way I think, drink and will eventually drive.