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TTC Course Booked


I was convicted of DD In August 2014 (3 year ban reduced by 9 months if I do the TTC Course)

I've now booked the course for May, Do I need to take any ID with me? Since losing my licence I don't actually have any ID as I used that for everything, I lost my passport a few years ago and never applied for it again as I wasn't travelling abroad. I can take my letter from the court with me as proof I suppose, I just wanted to check.

If you do not have a passport then take a Visa card or a bank card. It is preferable for the ID to have a signature on it as it can be checked against your signature when you arrive on the course.
I finished the course last week, It's a shame that you only go on this course if you have already been caught drink driving. I found the units and how long it takes to leave your body really interesting. Roy was a fantastic tutor.
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