Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes

Totally confused

Involved in a road traffic accident and been charged for drink driving 2wice over ( only been charged for drink driving twice over ) however later received witness statements from police and driver involved but the charge sheet still says charged ( twice over the limit driving vechile ) and no Charges regarding the crash. My worry is will the crash be told in court and will it worsen the how come guide line for just 2wice over ????? Please help starting to get worried
You have not said if the accident was your fault or not.... if it was, then yes, you can expect the court to be given your reading AND the circumstances of the accident as causing a collision will be seen as an aggravating circumstance. For a reading of about 70 (twice the limit) you can expect to get a23-28 month ban. According to how bad the collision was, you can expect to be banned towards the higher part of the range.
Thanks price , the crash was not proven to be any ones fault as hence only getting charged for drink diving twice over , it maybe me over thinking never been to court n worried sick tba any advice would be great thanks
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