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Teen Drivers say it is ok to Speed

At least 2 out of every 5 drivers say that it is ok to break the speed limit of 30mph by about 10 mph more. Nearly 25% of these drivers are between the ages of 16 and 21. These same drivers also feel that there is nothing wrong with drinking about one and a half pints of beer or alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

These survey results were a part of a campaign launched by the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. A poll was taken for 500 people aged between 16 to 21 and showed that at least 9% of males in this age bracket thought it was ok to drink more than one and a half pints of beer or alcohol before driving. Also, nearly 60% of drivers though that young drivers tend to behave more dangerously when carrying other young passengers.

The 3 organizations that are launching this campaign are urging for a restriction as far as the time of the day that young drivers should drive in order to prevent late night accidents. Young drivers should also be prevented from carrying young passengers and be given a lower legal alcohol limit.

The campaign aims to bring attention to young drivers and crashes where needless casualties are the result.
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