Suicide attempt while over the limit

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Back in January my son, who has various mental health conditions but is high functioning, was triggered into a psychotic episode during a phone call with a mental health worker. He jumped in his car, drove a couple of miles and deliberately crashed his car into a metal fence in an attempt to commit suicide.

The crash was horrendous but he crawled out of the car alive. He called for the police who were quickly there and breathalysed him with a reading of 52. At the station they took a bloodtest but failed to provide a sample to him. A duty solicitor finally came...he was useless, didn't give my son his details and has never contacted him since then. At this point we had no idea what was happening other than he'd had an accident and had been arrested and held for questioning. The police took him to hospital to check his injuries but he wasn't seen by the Crisis Team. We collected him from the police station early next morning.

Given my son's mental state he can remember what happened but hasn't wanted to talk to a solicitor since for fear of flashbacks.....he has PTSD. He's currently at uni and not having a car will severely curtail his ability to go on the placements that are an integral part of his course. He has been receiving therapy from his psychiatrist and his meds have been modified. It was all a wake up call for him so he has done a great deal since to avoid his mood swings and is massively improved.

He still hasn't heard anything, no charges have been pressed. What advice would you give? We don't even know what the charges will be! Should we be talking to a solicitor?
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