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Hi guys, from what I've been reading I'm going to get on average a 24 month ban from driving soon as I blew 100 at the station.

I have been quite low for a few months now but had a glimmer of hope as the local fire service were recruiting, something ive always wanted to do. I made it as far as the practical tests but failed on the assembling of a fire hose. I was highly confident of getting in as I work in health and fitness (the strength and fitness tests I blitzed) and felt I had let everybody down. That night i stupidly drove drunk.

Basically it's been 3 days now since my arrest and I still haven't told my parents or Grandma what happened. They've been concerned about me lately, and kept telling me to keep my chin up about the weekend. Even helping me financially as my wage has dropped in the industry I work. I've never been caught drink driving but have done stupid things drunk before.

I've thought about selling my car before as I live 5 mins away by bike to my work and reasoned about using this as an excuse why I don't have my car anymore as the finance is expensive. However 2 years is a long-time to lie. I'm tired of letting them down, but really struggling to break the news to them.
Coz89, you say how supportive your family have been, but are worried sick about telling them you have been caught Drink driving. Yes they will no doubt be disappointed, but not half as disappointed as they will be if they find out through reading about your conviction in the local paper - if it does appear there - and you have said nothing. You then face 2 years of lying to them about being banned which will cause you even more stress.
I think you need to be honest with them now, face the music but then have their support, which by the sound of things you really need.
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Not much I can add. It’ll be hard at first to tell and after, and I appreciate you’ve had a stream of bad luck as of late. I suggest you should start to own what’s happened, in order to move forward, and a first step in that is being honest about it. It sounds like you already know it would be difficult to conceal it, so if you accept that’s not really possible, then it’s not really a decision at all but just something you have to do.

I’m sorry about you not getting the fire service job, and the aftermath. All I can say is, from my own experience, this can make you reevaluate your life, if that’s necessary, and it can turn out the better for it.

Also, not that I know the specifics, but with the drink drive course you could get under 2 years, just to point to the light at the end of the tunnel.

All the best to you.
It's not the end of the world. You're just one of the 70,000+ people that get caught every year.

Look at it this way - you get the same conviction whether you're 1 point over the limit (or in your case - 65). Maybe if you were fractionally over the limit then you could feel somewhat 'unlucky', but it appears you were wayyyyy over. So you should be relieved that you didn't kill/injure yourself or someone else. People have gone to jail for being considerably less intoxicated than you were. You won't be going to jail, so you're fortunate there as well.

Just tell your family. They will be disappointed, but not as disappointed as they would be if they read about it in the local paper.

It probably will be in the local paper by the way (along with numerous other people who've made the same mistake). But you know what they say - today's news is tomorrows chip paper!
You'd be surprised at some peoples reactions-I thought my mum would be really disappointed but she didn't bat an eyelid and told me about how my stepdad got done for the same thing once.Your family might be surprisingly supportive and it sucks keeping secrets from people you live with
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