Stopped by police, breathalysed, blew 100 at the station


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Hello. Thank you for this service! Last Friday I was stopped by the police and breathalysed after stupidly deciding to drive home after a night drinking with an old friend. I had no money for a taxi so slept in my car for a few hours, woke up at 4am and set off. Clearly I was in no fit state and was stopped a minute later. I blew 100 at the station. I fully accept my guilt but I live in Qatar where my wife works and I have no income of my own. I understand that I am high risk and a community order will be imposed. Is there an alternative to that. I am also fearful of a custodial sentence and my marriage is in some difficulty after my irresponsibility. I feel I have ruined my life and hers though thankfully no one else was hurt.
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A reading of 100µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath does put you in a bracket where the court would ordinarily impose a community order alongside a ban of between 23 to 28 months. The court can sometimes be persuaded to use their discretion to impose a penalty different to that of a community order, namely a fine, where the circumstances mean that a community based order would be unworkable as may be the case in your situation, given that where you live and work is outside of the jurisdiction. A guilty plea at the first appearance will mean you should be afforded credit and focussed mitigation with solid representation can help steer the court towards that type of penalty. On the face of it, a prison sentence does not seem appropriate, particularly given that your reading is below the custody threshold by some way (120µg is where custody starts). You should speak to a specialist and look at options for representation, on 0333 323 3727
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