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I got pulled over after consuming half cider and black while bowling, I got pulled over for having a head light out and the I failed the breathe. Got taken to the station, and got 46 on the breath at the station. Had an empty stomach as haven't eaten all day, as was meant to go out for a meal but was fully booked, so was about to get a McDonald's from the drive through, which is where I got pulled over. I've just received back the results from my bloods, with was also a fail, but I thought I would be ok half cider and black, but because of my height 4.11ft and my weight 7 1/4 stone I guess not.

I have the problem that if I get a year ban I would not be able to attend college which I am paying £108 a month for, as it is over half hour away from my house. And going via public transport would not get me there on time for my lessons.
Also my mother is under going a major operation where she will not be allowed to drive for a min of 3 months. There is only me my mum and my sister and I'm needed to look after them. My mother also has an illness where she keeps passing out, and they believe its Addison's disease and if she goes while at college then it will take me over an hour to get to her via public transport. The police at the station said I can appeal for special circumstances, or a reduction to my ban?
I'm afraid that a plea of hardship does not amount special reasons in a drink driving case. Special reasons are restricted to things such as driving a very short distance or having your drink spiked. As the police have taken a blood sample it may be worth looking into whether they have followed the required procedure or not.

If you are convicted of drink driving then you will be facing a 12-16 month disqualification and a band C, means tested fine. You should be offered the drink drive rehabilitation course which will reduce the length of the disqualification by up to 25% upon completion. The points you raise regarding the use of your licence are relevant as mitigation and can help to keep the sentence down to a minimum and are well worth mentioning at Court.
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