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Son 18 caught driving a golf buggy over the limit


In the early hours of Tuesday morning (3am) my 18 year old son and his friend decided it would be a good idea to take a golf buggy from the local golf club and drive it to a Mcdonalds drive through approximately 4 miles away on public roads.
He was subsequently arrested and was found to be one and a half times over the limit (limit is 35 he was 50).

He now has a court date on 19[SUP]th[/SUP] June, where he is charged with driving a mechanically propelled vehicle (petrol powered golf buggy) whilst unfit to drive through drink. Obviously he is guilty but what sort of punishment can he expect to receive.

He only passed his driving test in March 2018 and as he does not have a car he hasn’t even driven a car since. What he did was very out of character and he has absolutely no previous convictions unfortunately he made a very stupid and potentially dangerous error of judgement.
If the only allegation is driving with excess alcohol then the most important factor in this will be his reading of 50 µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath. That puts him towards the top end of the lowest sentencing bracket meaning that he will face a ban of between 12 - 16 months and a fine. There is clear aggravation here given that he is driving a vehicle not intended for public roads. This may see the court look to sentence him towards the high end of that bracket or even in the bracket above (17 to 22 months together with a fine OR a community order). I would recommend consulting a solicitor directly with a view to obtaining representation to ensure the right issues are considered by the court when considering sentence. You can contact a specialist on 0333 323 1107
Thank you for your response.
Please could you advise what we should expect to pay for a solictor to try and get the minimum sentences as detailed in your post above.
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