Section 88

Convicted Driver Insurance


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Hello just looking for advice if ban ran out 4th December I’m still awaiting to hear about a medical as I blew 81 🙈 but I’ve come across this section 88 that you could still drive if you have applied to renew the license etc which I have and paid for and Dvla have received it! and still awaiting a medical (if I’m getting 1) 🤷‍♂️ I have phoned I just keep getting told it’s with the relevant department!!
read about being a hro says if you blew 86 I think and above you are a hro....might be getting my hopes here but does anyone know anything regarding section 88 please?

thanks in advance


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S88 does not apply after disqualification, only when applying for a renewal for medical reasons.
You say you blew 81, that does NOT require you to have a medical, unless it was a second conviction in 10 years?