Second Roadside Breath Test

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After Failing to Provide an Evidentary Breath Test at the Station (I will be Defending that this was due to Medical Reasons) the Police Did Not request a Blood/Urine Sample, is this a break in procedure ? They locked me in a cell overnight and then forced me to take a second roadside breath test in my cell at 08.08hrs, is this standard procedure ? is this allowed or a break in procedure ? why would this be done ? what can it prove, do I have any case for the Police breaking Protocol or Procedure ?
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The police are not required to move to blood or urine once you fail a breath test, there would not be a defence in the fact they did this. A medical reason would be a defence but you need to hire a medical expert to agree that you were incapable of providing at the time of the offence if you wish to be successful.

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Thank You, We are doing this, what about the second in cell breath test I was Made to take in the Morning ? Procedure or Not ? Why ?
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