roadside breathalyser v evidential breathalyser ?


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if a roadside breathalyser was 70 but breathalyser at police station was 0 five times ( this was approx 2 hours later) then a blood sample was taken , which test is most accurate.
The blood sample was taken 9 weeks ago and have heard nothing .Should i chase the result or just wait?
Any advise gratefully received.

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A roadside specimen is not evidential and not as accurate as the police station machine. It sounds like there may have been an error with the police station machine hence the reason why blood was taken. Once the process moved from breath to blood then the breath reading is left behind and the police will be entitled to rely on the blood result. The police have 6 months from the date of the initial incident to lay a charge. A wait of 9 weeks is not completely unusual. My advice would be to wait until you are contacted.
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Many thanks for the reply.
Still heard nothing and is now 10 weeks from the incident.
It has been suggested that the delay my be due to the police requesting a count back as the blood sample was taken 5 hours after the roadside test.
Is this likely?
Also how long do the police have to charge you?
Thank you again.