Relapsed a week before medical! Please help

Hi everyone, I've been stupid and had a drink a week before my CDT test after 15 months of abstinence. I had half a large bottle of whisky neat last night and I have my medical on Thursday . I could really do with some advice here. Is it best advised that the change my appointment for the medical?.. and can I change it?. Like I said I have not had a drink in 15 months until last night so I suppose you could say I relapsed and yes I feel awful. Can anyone advise me on the CDT test and am I likely to fail? Thanks
If you have abstained for that long, then drinking 14 units in one day as a 'one off' should be OK.
You can ask to move the date of the medical, but it will still have to be within 6 weeks of the DVLA letter that was sent to you giving th doctors details. If you can, moving the date back a week will give you extra reassurance.
Thanks for that. My medical is in the morning. I'm so nervous. But I do think it was more than 14 units?, it was half a large bottle of strong whisky neat?. I've been flushing my system ever since and taking milk thistle. I was unable to change my appointment so I'm gonna just go for it. Will let you know x
I stand by my original estimate......
A 700ml bottle of whisky is 28 units. If it is 750ml then ,it is 30. Half a bottle is half of that!
Thanks a lot for your input price. You have really made me feel better. I will take my mistake as a warning and not do that again. The appointment went well. I will update you in roughly 3 weeks .
Hey everyone... I got licence back. Only found out today was such a long wait. I have the licence for a year then need to renew x
Good news, thanks for letting us know.
Next time no half bottles in the few weeks before your retest!, it will save you a lot of anxiety.
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