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I have received a C1D1 it says they have received medical information as part of the enquiry that tells them I have a history of alcohol dependency even though I have been on enhanced testing at work for 2 years that I have passed. Please can anyone advise I will make an appointment to see my doctor Monday I am still on antidepressants but I have reduced these before my medical.

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They sent a form to my doctor they then sent me a M1 they then sent my doctor another form, my doctors told me I didn't need to go down I then have the letter saying I have a history of alcohol dependency and should go to my doctors. The tests at work are urine tests that are what you would be required to do to get a job all done by a proper laboratory


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Then you can challenge this decision by the dvla as I did. They posted me exactly the same letter(must be a formula they use ) back in January this year. I made an appointment with my doctors and took the letter with me, my doctor wrote a lovely letter explaining how long I had been with the practice, noted my anxiety and meds and confirmed there has been no diagnosis of alcohol dependency. This was then sent back to dvla where they changed their decision to misuse, but it did take 3 months to appeal it...