Referral to Court, advice re driving with non uk license, single justice procedure

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My wife received a single justice procedure notice relating to not driving in accordance with her license and as a result a charge of driving with invalid insurance.

We believe this was wrong, as she was driving with a non UK license within 1 year of her arriving in the country, thereby driving in accordance with the rules from the government website that you are able to drive with a non uk license for 1 year. The police stopped us within this year and did a few checks at the scene and said it was fine.

We then received the SJP, pleaded guilty as she didn't want the hassle of going to court, we have now received a court summons to clarify her plea as we added some comments in the mitigating circumstances box about the fact the offence happened within her 1 year of non uk driving.

The letter says 'Equivocal plea- defendant to attend to clarify'.

I have a document from the DVLA that says you don't need to adhere to provisional driving license rules if you have a non uk license and are within your 1 year allowance from entering the country- which she was. I also have a tweet from the DVLA stating this. So I think and hope there has been a mistake and they want to confirm this at court?

Is there anyone that could give us some advice and how the court procedure works ?

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