Received license back


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Hi everyone, I received my license back but was told at the drink driving course that I was HRO was not told this at the courts just wondering if I will receive word for a medical soon or maybe a mistake at the course as didn’t think they issued a license till done the medical? I phoned the DVLA about a query about what date I can start driving and they didn’t say nothing about a medical either but confused.

any info would be great 👍🏻

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Revoked am sure is normaly HRO
then medical !well it was for me under dependency, however it might be different for misuse now especially if the Doctors records indicate otherwise


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Yeh being treated as hro had two medicals already, they did class me as dependent first of all (30 units a week) but I challenged dvla with my doctor and they Changed it to misuse, took three months though....