Received Letter Regarding LGV/PCV Entitlement After Ban.......

Hi All.

I have just received a letter about how I need to apply separately, with mitigation, and appear before a Traffic commissioner in order to have my Large Goods Vehicle/Passenger Carrying Vehicle entitlements restored...

However, I only have a B+E trailer licence on top of my ordinary license... Not a C or D.....

Am I correct in assuming that they actually mean the B+E trailer or have they made an error in contacting me?

Also, it states in bold at the bottom of the letter "PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE ARMED FORCES YOU SHOULD CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY" Does anybody know why this is?

Thanks all

I forgot to ask, Is the hearing I must attend like another day in court? Will I get grilled? Is it worth the inevitable "Please attend this place a 2 hour drive away when you can't drive? Just incase anybody else has attended.

They mean the B + E category only. Here is the explanation for the Traffic Commissioners role:

Powers of Traffic Commissioners

Traffic Commissioners, while not responsible for issuing vocational entitlements, have the power to determine whether a person should be granted Group 2 entitlement or be disqualified or suspended from holding the entitlement on grounds of misconduct.
The hearing will just be a meeting at the Traffic Commissioners office. It is not a formal hearing, more of a chat about what happened. Show suitable remorse, say how much you learned from the Rehabilitation course (if you did one) and you are likely to get reinstated OK. They do have the power to extend the ban for a period for just the entitlement only, not your whole licence. This is usually only for repeat offenders of for bans of more than 18 months, indication a higher reading.
Thank you, Price.

Do you know why they would want to know urgently if I am in the forces?
Also is this normal for everyone with more than just a Cat. B license?

I have looked at this and cannot see anywhere where a B + E comes under a Group 2 Entitlement. I think you should ring your local Traffic Commissioner to clarify this and if I am right, contact DVLA to say they have sent out incorrect information and they should just issue you your full licence.
Just an update -

The letter was in regards to provisionals for these classes! I got them all years ago for work when work was putting me through my B+E (Which has nothing to do with this as you said).

Also, if anybody is curious, the reason why they ask military to contact ASAP is because they have one bloke who just deals with military and also to arrange a hearing elsewhere incase they are posted away.

Case Closed
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