Reapplying for licence


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My ban is not up until 20th Oct.

But just thinking toward my reapplication.

What is the form I need to reapply?

Do I await the DVLA sending this form to me or can I have it ready to send off prior to this?

Also, do you need to update your photo or will the one they have on file do?

I'm a HRO, so will need to apply around 90 days before and get the medical sorted.

I've noticed some people say, they received their licence back in the post after completing the medical and before the ban was up....I'm assuming this is sent with the notice not to drive before the ban completes?

Thanks for any answers that can be provided to these queries.

You are right in what you think. The earliest that you can apply is 90 days before your ban is due to end. DVLA should send you a form to complete, but if it doesn’t arrive (because they send it to the address on your licence which could have changed) then go to the post office and ask for an application form for a driving licence. It is a D1 form, and it is used for a multitude of applications, so you are not identifying yourself as a convicted drink driver. You can send off a fresh picture and that way you get a full 10 year licence. If the last picture that they have is, say, 5 years old then you only get a 5 year licence.
When your licence comes back, check the date on it, that is the first day that you can drive on, after your ban is finished. Just receiving your licence does not mean that you can drive.
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