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RE: Follow Up Question


New member
RE: Follow Up Question

Hi Mr Lyon,

Thank You for initially getting back to me about my query in regards to the thread below :

The reason i've made a new thread is i think i worded my initial fears wrongly, the answer you gave me was correct although i was already aware of the right to appeal if denied my license.

I followed up trying to explain what it was i was really trying to find out but i didn't know if the fact you hadn't replied was because it was an existing thread or simply because you had a busy workload and never found the time which of course is totally understandable, but so far you are the only person i have found who has the knowledge to answer my concerns !

While aware of the right to appeal if they don't issue a license, that wasn't my worry, in case you don't have time to go back and look at my 2nd part or response to your reply i will quickly outline it.

I currently hold a VALID license, it is valid till Dec 16th and currently in process of renewing.
I have been told and even encouraged by my consultant to pursue the achievement of my full driving license,
So, after the initial re-application i received my first provisional since being ordered to resit in 2014, it was renewed last year again, and as mentioned is valid till 16th Dec this year and currently going through the process of renewing it again, but as of this moment it is valid and was valid last wednesday when i had my Driving Test Resit.
I passed my driving Test and examiner took my license to send to DVLA,
So this is not a case of me re-applying for my license under medical grounds, my license was valid at time of resitting my test and i have had no indication or belief i should not have been driving as nothing has changed since i was first issued my prov license since my ban in 2014, and again renewed last year, all circumstances are the same,
Obviously the driving examiner checked everything was ok before the test and i also did my theory test a few weeks ago no problem.

After passing while holding a valid provisional last wednesday, In these circumstances , there is no reason the DVLA can deny me my result of a passed test resit is there ? ( Or are there ? ) is what i am trying to find out.
But mainly, when i sat my test, my Prov license was valid, same with my theory test, and even if i hadn't did these my prov would still be valid till 16th Dec, when i would have expected it to be renewed as there has been no change in circumstances, or no change in medical advice or medical opinion.
So that is my worry, as things have been going well and i passed , while holding a valid prov license, am i worrying over nothing ? There isnt any precedent while holding a 1 year provisional i wouldn't have been able to pass my test is there, like they can't come back at me and say my test pass was invalid can they ?

Thank You, Sincerely WW