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New member
Hi all, just looking to pick some some brains, I was convicted of drink driving May 2012, long story, I appealed the decision of the Magistrates to convict me, it took some time to get to Crown Court due to legal wrangling etc in June 2013 the conviction was upheld and I was sentenced to 4 months custodial and a 4 year disqualification, because of our legal system I had no further right to appeal, I did fall out with my solicitor as he changed my barrister the morning of my trial, the new barrister never understood the case having a full 20 mins to review it before going to court, this in my opinion was why i was found guilty, I was convicted with 122 mg, it was my second conviction previous one was 2005, how do I go about applying for my licence, is it from the date of the Magistrates hearing or the Date of the Appeal Hearing? Iam coming up to the 2 year mark from the Crown Court Trial, so will I apply to the Crown or the Magistrates, if the halfway point is June 2015 from Crown then can I start the ball rolling now, or will I have to wait until June

Michael Lyon

Road Traffic Solicitor (Scotland)

Before I reply to this can you confirm this relates to a disqualification imposed in a Scottish Court as your terminology would tend to suggest this is an English matter.