R Plates After Ban.


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I passed my test in November 2009, and got banned for a year in March 2010. So when my ban ends in March 2011, will i still have to display my R plates for a further year? There was no mention of a re-test in court, so i'm assuming i don't have to resit the test.


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Since posting this, i have discovered that in Northern Ireland, you have to automatically re-sit your test after a DD ban. (reapply for provisional again).
Regarding R plates, you do not have to go on you R plates for another full year, but you do have to put them up again for any period you still have left on R plates, not couting any period of disqualification. For example, i lost my license after just 4 months of passing, so when i get my license back, i'll have to put my R plates up for another 8 months.

Hope this helps someone.