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Morning, my 18 year old son was breathalysed and arrested, but I believe the incident occured on private property - namely a private, residents only car park (he isn't a resident)
The arresting officers weren't local and so possibly didn't know.
He was 45 microgrammes in 100 ml at the station
can you advise if this is something we can fight?


  • Oxfordshire County Council Publicly Maintained Highway.pdf
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Good morning,

Potentially yes but it is something that is very complex legally and it not something you could usually defend yourself. They would be very unlikely to drop the matter on this basis. The issues comes down to the fact that the public may have access to the road and therefore would usually run to trial.

Kind regards
Martin Hammond.
Thank you - could you get someone to contact me as we would like to see if this is possible?
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