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Hi i got a positive for weed and coke and was arrested and taken for blood tests over the weekend,i only had a few drags on a joint and a little bit of coke,yes i was stupid to even have that.I've never been in trouble with the police before not even for a driving offence ,so im now waiting 8 weeks for the results to come back.I'm praying they come back low as i only had a few drags on a joint and a little bit of coke about 30 mins before i was stopped.

I no its not looking good but what are the chances of not been banned,i'm an apprentice mechanic so need my driving license for work,plus due to the rural area we are based there is no public transport.I'm in my 2nd year of my apprenticeship so got 12 months left until i'm qualified but now i've done this stupid thing my life could be ruined by it
If you are charged with driving with excess drugs (if the tests come back over the limit) then unfortunately that is an offence that carries an automatic minimum 12 month ban on conviction. This is not the sort of offence where your circumstances can be enough to persuade not to ban. If you are charges where there is presence of more than one drug then this will aggravate your penalty and will mean you could face more sever ban and be at risk of a community order rather than a fine. I would suggest that you contact our specialist team once you receive your results and they can advise further. You can get them on 0333 323 3733
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