PNC Marker on Cars


I recently heard if you are convicted of Drink drive, the car which is registered to your name will have a PNC marker put against it and every time an ANPR vehicle passes it will flag it. Which will result in being stopped and checked. Is that right and have anyone got experience of it.

How long the marker/flag would be on the car?

Any responses would be appreciated. Thanks.




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Yes that is correct,it is quite common that some people who have been caught DD do still use their vechicles even if it's just half a mile away to the local shops,thinking that they will not be caught again for such a short trip.
It’s been raised a lot on here. The general consensus I can gather is that the ANPR would of course flag you up if you had no insurance, tax..etc but not for specifically the fact that the driver has a previous drink drive conviction. It is unlikely to come up unless you’ve been registered as a ‘vehicle of interest’, unlikely the police would do it for drink driving, but it’s at their discretion and they’ve registered and routinely stopped vehicles that attend say, lawful protests even.

Local police probably do keep some sort of list of vehicles of banned drivers and scour the area with them on the radar, so there is that. Of course, if you’re driving a new car, this isn’t going to be an issue.
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