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Hi if someone could please help I would be very appreciative I have my medical tomorrow it would have been 18 days since I drank 1 bottle off rose and 19 days since I drank 2 bottles off rose before that I have probably drunk 1 bottle of wine the week previously and a bottle off vodka about 3 weeks previous to that should I be worried ?
Thanks in advance


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Binge drinking does raise CDT levels. It can take up to 14 days for them just to halve and up to 2 months to normalise it will be touch and go depending on your body, weight, height, some people bounce back to normal CDT quicker than others....let us know how you got on!


After 18 days I reckon you're fine.

I did a couple of private ones before my first. I reckon it takes a day each 0.1, from a 'sozzled' 3.0% saturation to a baseline 1.0%. Which would put you in the safe zone even if you were totally bollocksed.

The danger is how quick the percentage goes up. The 1.7% is 'average', so whatever that is. But I reckon a moderate weekend could see you up above 2.0%, and even just one all-dayer could put you at 3.0% from nothing straight way.

Units go quickly. But the effect on CDT is a slower mend. And it totally explains why you can't think, exercise, or even breathe as well the day after a heavy night, and why I really don't drink a lot now.

But remember it isn't just your CDT result they will go off. I got asked loads of questions about what I drank, before I even stopped drinking. Your CDT could be low, but if you say you binge, you're ****ed. Someone I indirectly know was failed for being too honest.
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