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Penalty for Drink Driving in Spain on UK Licence


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Does anyone have knowledge of penalty to expect - bad accident whilst under influence, in spain, with uk license, only myself hurt,


TTC Group

This is the guidance for drink drive offences in Spain, note that the legal limit is even lower than this if you have held a licence for under 2 years:
Spain applies a points system to driving licences. Spanish residents (including non-Spanish nationals who hold an NIE number) are issued with 12 points initially. If a driving offence is committed, points are deducted from the licence according to the severity of the offence. When no points remain, the licence is cancelled and the holder must go through a re-education process to get it reissued.

While EU driving licences are valid in Spain, the Spanish authorities cannot deduct points from a non-Spanish EU licence. For this reason, they may insist on a licence exchange in order to deduct points from a licence when the holder has committed an offence.

The penalties for driving with a blood alcohol level of over 0.5 g/l can include:

A fine of between 301 and 600 euros
Deduction of six points from the driving licence
Suspension of driving licence for three months
The penalties for driving with a blood alcohol level of over 1.2 g/l can include:

A prison sentence of between three and six months or
A fine and between 31 and 91 days of community service
Suspension of driving licence for between one and four years
To maintain the safety of other road-users, police will confiscate the vehicle of a driver who has been found under the influence of alcohol. An exception is made if a passenger holds a valid driving licence and is able to take control of the vehicle. If the police confiscate a vehicle, the driver is liable for the costs of towing and storage. These costs must be paid before the vehicle is released.

It is compulsory for non-residents to pay fines immediately, in cash. If this is not possible, the vehicle will be confiscated.



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I have a uk license but banned in spain, Is it possible to drive micro car or Renault have brought out twizy - these & similar can be driven with no license - but what about if license has been revoked? - would be driven in spain.


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I am not sure if you are talking about your situation here or in Spain....?
You cannot have your UK licence revoked here for a drink drive offence in Spain, and a ban in Spain is not a ban in the UK.
it does mention that they can compel you to convert your UK licence to a Spanish one, then take points off that licence. Of course that would only apply if you were staying in Spain.
as to those vehicles in Spain, I think you would have to enquire there about that. In the UK, the only thing you can be on the road with when disqualified is an electric bike that conforms to the EAPC regs.
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