Partner arrested when already on suspended sentence..

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I left my partner a few weeks ago as things had not been going well. He is currently on a suspended sentence and narrowly avoided jail due to a conviction for a dangerous dog offence. He had a clean record prior to this. He received a suspended sentence, large fine, unpaid work and banned from owning a dog. As we are both medical professionals he was also suspended from practising. I then had a call a few days ago to say he had been arrested for causing an accident, possible drink/drug driving and ‘fleeing the scene’. Both cars have been written off as i understand. He was apparently breathalysed and blood samples taken too, as well as interview at the station in the presence of a duty solicitor, but has not yet been charged with anything. I don’t have many more details. Should he be charged with any offence, does this mean automatic activation of the suspended sentence, plus the sentence for the driving offence?

Kind regards.
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