No insurance and drink driving


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I recently got arrested for driving with no insurance and over the limit. I blew 47 at the police station. I had to quit my job last year to look after my terminally ill mum who passed away a few weeks ago. I got arrested 2 days before the funeral. I have no income, have never done this before and am pretty worried. I just need some overall advice as to what I need to bring with me to court on 27th March. I have no money so I will have to represent myself. I had canceled my mum's insurance thinking my wife had transferred the car to our own insurance but she hadn't. I wasn't massively over the limit but with everything going on in my life I just made a stupid mistake.
Any advice would be gratefully received.
A reading of 47µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath together with the aggravation of a driving without insurance allegation should have seen you leave the court with a ban of between 12 and 16 months and possibly the opportunity of completing the drink driving rehabilitation scheme. You should also have been fined. There should not have been a separate endorsement related to the no insurance matter given that it was committed at the same time and the more serious penalty relating to drink driving takes precedence. I can see that you have already attended court and you intended to give an honest explanation of the circumstances which, given the level of your reading should have resulted in a penalty as outlined above. If you would like clarification on any sentence imposed then you should speak directly with a specialist on 03330093821.
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