DVLA Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: DVLA are now processing paper applications, however these will take longer to process as the DVLA are working with reduced staff to meet social distancing requirements. If your application requires medical information or examinations there are likely to be delays also.
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New advice - failure to provide sample


I was in hospital after crashing my car. I had been on my way to hospital as a result of taking an overdose of my medication. I don't remember much but know the police recovered my car. I contacted the officer and he told me I failed to provide blood sample in hospital. I have no recollection of this and have not received any information other than these comments. He said I will recieve postal requisition to attend court and that he has also contacted the DVLA over my fitness to drive. I'm really confused by all of this and terrified of what will happen.
In order for the police to request a blood sample you must have capacity to understand the request. If you have no recollection of being in hospital it could be suggested that you did not have capacity to consent. If it was deemed that you did not have capacity to consent, the police could obtain consent from the doctor or medical practitioner who was in charge of your care. This type of matter is complex and would require further information in order to advise properly. Please contact a member of our motoring team to discuss this in more detail.