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Hiya so i have my medical this Thursday!! I am just worried as, I have a proven needle phobia (was proven in court)I have been to a specialist and I have a written report to prove i have this phobia. I have mentioned this when I booked my medical examination, and I have to go in with my report. Will this be enough for me just to do a urine sample only?? Also how long until I get my urine drug test results?? Thanks in advance


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If your letter is accepted, and you are allowed to provide just a urine sample, they DVLA will know the result in 2-3 days.
BUT, you will not know the result straight away after that! I would expect that if you are allowed to just do a urine sample then they may well write to your doctor to:
A confirm any history of injections that you have had to confirm or disprove the phobia,
and B to check on any alcohol related issues in the past 3 years.
a urine sample will show if there is alcohol in your system at the time of the test.
the CDT blood test shows if you have been over indulging in alcohol in the past few weeks, so there is a vast difference between the 2 tests and in the absence of the CDTresult I would expect them to make more enquiries to try to determine what risk you might pose.
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