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New member
Hi my son (17 years) has been working in the Isle of Man as a farm labourer for the past 3 weeks. On Sunday night while he was trying to 'jump start ' a car ,the police came upon him and arrested him for DUI. This car was the car he was insured for by the company he works for but had broken down (flat battery) and wasn't even going . Anyhow ,he was arrested ,put in a cell over nite ( blood alcohol 67 ) ,appeared in court the next day ,fined £1000 and a three year ban . This was all done and we had no idea of any of the events that took place . He was given a guardian from someone from social services who supposedly looked after him but all he was given in the 12-13 hr period was a glass of water. He has no previous convictions ,comes from a quiet country area of NI and overall is a honest,hardworking and very mannerly boy . We , as a family are devastated and don't know anything about Manx Law - 1. Should we have been notified 2. We have had never any dealings with social services in our lives 3. Why such a fine and a lengthy ban from driving ?
What can we do , we are at our wits end as this will really upset his future career in farming .? The company in question still wants to employ him even though they have been given a full extent of the happenings .
Thanks so much for any replies .


TTC Group
the legal limit on the Isle of Man is the same as in England and Northern Ireland, which is 80mg alcohol per 100 ml of Blood, so his reading would not have been 67. It could have been 67 in breath, where the limit is 35?
there was some discussion a couple of years ago about introducing a minimum ban of 3 years on the island, but I am not aware that it has been implemented.
The age for needing an "appropriate adult" is also the same on the island as in England: under 17 years of age unless you have special needs. I would have expected the appropriate adult to have tried to have contacted you, but that might depend on if your son provided sufficient details.
The ban is also enforced in England, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, under reciprocal arrangements.
He will find insurance very expensive with a conviction for drink driving at 17 when he gets his licence back.