Need some Advice on up and coming MEDICAL EXAMINATION Please!!


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Hi to everyone on the forum! I've been browsing for quite some time and thought id come and seek some advice.

Basically, i have just received a letter from the DVLA stating that i am a High Risk Offender and need to take a medical examination and that my ban ends 28th december 2013.
Never actually heard of this before but i don't mind taking it if it means i get my licence back!

So i just wondered, the letter says i should send off my application now with 90pounds, i don't actually have the money just yet so would waiting till the end of the month or so be okay until i have enough money ?

Also, I'm pretty sure i SHOULD pass the medical as I have never been to/or spoke to my doctor regarding any Alcohol problems or any dependency of alcohol however, i do drink almost every weekend, especially because i haven't been driving and its that time of the year for me that there are alot of parties, leaving dues etc.. So would a weekend drinker cause concern to a dvla examiner ?

Oh and 1 more thing, if i d take the medical, pay the extra 90pound payment and fail, will i get a refund or be able to take the examination again ?

Its a shame that this has to be done as I can honestly say i will NEVER drink drive again, I understand where this is coming from but i hope my weekend drinking hasnt damaged my liver so that i cant get my licence back !

Would REALLY REALLY appreciate any replys!

Thanks alot in advance!

it is worse than you think.... The £90 is the fee you have to pay to DVLA to apply for your licence back.
then they will give you the details of local doctors approved by them to carry out medicals on their behalf. You have to make an appointment for this, and then pay the doctor their fee when you go, which is about £96.
if you fail, the fees are not refundable. I would suggest that you speak with your doctor and discuss how much you drink and get their opinion on if this is excessive. You may only drink at weekends, but you can get through a lot in 2 days, and you are saying about parties and other things at this time of year. that way you will get an indication of if you are likely to pass, before you spend your money.
if you fail, you would have to pay the medical fee again, but not the DVLA application fee as that is a 'one off.'
the medical is designed to show up if people are 'alcohol dependant' . If you are within general guidelines for a man of 21 to 28 units a week, you are not. It then becomes a grey area as to what is alcohol dependant.
the whole process takes several weeks, so the longer you leave it, the closer you will get to the date when you could be driving. As you were convicted before June 1st, you would still be able to ask to be granted a temporary licence while the process is completed, but this only applies if you have applied for your licence and done the medical.
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