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Last Friday I was at a friends house after a long overdue catch up. I had parked my car in an overnight space knowing that the evening would involve some light drinking and a taxi home would be necessary

Over the course of the evening (9pm-4am) we had both consumed a bottle of wine each. We had both stopped drinking at approx 2am and got caught up chatting, watching various comedy clips on youtube etc. After realising how late/early it was I decided it would be best to leave as my friend had committments in the morning.

At this point, I made the fatal judgement in thinking that because I had "felt" fine that I would be safe to drive. I thought because I hadn't drank in several hours that there would be very little alcohol left in my system. How stupid and wrong was I? In similar circumstances I've either walked home or got a taxi. Why did I think differently on this occasion? I'm left constantly asking myself that same question!!

Halfway up the road (2mile trip) I was flashed by police and just as I was about to pull over, they turned to the left. I immediately sighed a huge breathe of relief as I knew at that moment that if I was breathalised there would be a risk of me being over the limit. I judged this to be an extremely close call and vowed never to take this chance again. I continued with my journey and safely returned home. Just as I was about to walk in the door of my house the same police van that had flashed me earlier arrived curbside and asked if I was the name of the person they had quoted to me. I confirmed I was that person. They later asked if I had just been driving a car matching the description they given and I confessed that I had.

They advised that they had reason to believe that my car wasn't insured however I assured them that it was (it later transpired that there was an issue with my private plates and after producing documentation they were satisifed that I was indeed covered) As standard they asked if I had been drinking and I admitted that I had. I blew 50mics that night and the legal limit in Scotland is 22mics. I was beyond devastated.

I later found out that the reason why didn't continue to pursue me in the moment was because they had just witnessed someone run a red light. They opted to pursue this person first however it's now apparent that they failed to catch up with him which is why they raced to my home address to challenge myself about having no insurance.

For the past week I have tormented myself in runing various senarios through my head. I should have stopped and walked the rest of the journey when I was originally flashed as I clearly knew I was taking a risk. If only they busted the other guy! What if I had only managed to get inside my house? Would have they continued to pursue me further as they had no reason to believe at that time I had been under the influence? What if I had denied I was driving, what proof did they have?

I have now came to the firm realisation that irrespective of what could've happened - I've done something wrong and I now need to face the consequences. The past week has been a huge ordeal for me. I'm embarrassed, ashamed, gutted and overall my self respect has taken an absolute hammering. I've had to tell my employers which was humulating, however they have thankfully been very understanding and I've been given assurances that my position will not be at risk. I'm left feeling parnoid, judged, worthless and most devastatingly percieved to be criminal. This connotations associated with drink driving is horrific and society is right to comdemn you. I just hope that I can on day redeem myself as this is not who I am. I made a terrible judgement call where thankfully no one was hurt in the process.

Never before have I had any real perpective on the impact that drink driving can have. It has the ability to take away everything you have worked for. Most importantly your integrity. In some strange way I'm glad this happened now as it's been an illumating experience for many reasons. I know for a fact that this is going to make a better person as much as I'm hurting right now. I'm already more alert to the dangerous of drink driving and I'll be the biggest advocate for the cause against drink driving moving forward.

My court date is in several weeks time and I cannot wait for it to be over so I can start making amends.

If you're reading this and think that because you feel fine in the moment - DONT drive! It's not worth the heart ache to yourself, family, friends or any victims hurt in the process.

Thanks for reading.

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Your response to being caught is probably one of the most mature responses that I've read in my time on these forums so well done for that, use it as an experience to learn and grow as there's a positive side to every situation. Don't beat yourself up on the "I should have done this" and "what would have happened if X hadn't have happened," you'll only wreck you head thinking like that. I thought my life was over when I got banned, I'm passionate about cars, they were my whole life and yet I made the gamble to risk it all and lost. I thought the time was going to drag by but it didn't, my ban is up now in less than 10 days and I have no idea where that time went. The first month dragged because I wallowed in self pity about it but once I stopped it flew in. I'm not sure how the sentencing brackets work in Scotland but in Northern Ireland you would be in the lowest sentencing bracket with a breath reading of 50. Best of luck in court!


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Never forget them blue lights I had 4 lots of them as I exited carpark , good honest post from an ordinary person ,it's a life changer usually financial salary insurance transport etc in our drink awareness class Scotland it was estimated from 14 people were over 250k worse financially that was calculated over 2 years only!

Glad your company is keeping your role enjoy the scenery getting there it's certainly huge eye opener & lots of time to reflect although don't kick your own arse! & think positively just knowing slightly smug #it won't ever be you again😉
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