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My experience. I got pulled over on the weekend for overtaking on unbroken white lines at approx 8p.m. at night. I had drunk approximately 6 pints of bitter. I have an ever growing problem with how I cope with my emotions and turned to alcohol after a month long break with the dreaded substance. In the event of having drunk I found my anxiety increasing and a desperate need to get home and away from the bar in which I was consoling myself with life's problems. According to the basic traits of the conscienceless loser that I am, I got in my car and drove. The police officer calmly asked me to produce a breathalyser reading and I calmly agreed. My reading was 85 (over twice the legal limit). The readings were the same or similar when conducted on the machine at the police station. I was still over the limit when released some four hours later. The police officer who arrested me kindly drove me home. I am not bitter. I broke the law and accept it. The solicitor's I have spoken to are suggesting I will receive a 12-24 month ban and a fine in the region of £400 plus court costs and solicitors fees if I am not entitled to legal aid. My court date is start of August. I have my lovely car for another 3 weeks then goodbye lovely car. It will have to be sold to pay for this. I live approx 7 miles away from nearest town in a rural area with limited job prospects. I will lose the love and support of my girlfriend and our children since I am unlikely to be able to support them with income. I have already had to leave our family home in the aftermath of this disaster. On the bright side I look forward to possible new found fitness in a bicycle and maybe a real recourse to rehabilitation from alcohol problems. I am looking at a prospective college course to restart life, but it is unlikely I will be able to fund any such venture now. I am having counselling. I cannot believe the stupidity and blatant disregard for the law that I have displayed. I have lost everything several times over as a consequence of my alcohol problems. I wish I knew how to face up to them. Don't drink and drive - you WILL get caught.


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It sounds to me like although you're being down on yourself, you're also finding ways to look for positives out of your situation. I was the same after my own arrest.

I'm truly sorry that you're having problems at home and I hope that you can sort something out there. Maybe this is just the kick up the arse you need to have a good long look at what's wrong and try to make it right. That's certainly what I've been doing to make being done for drink driving into something with an ultimately positive outcome. I hope we both succeed. Good luck.
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