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my local Abstinence-based services

I have NEVER been in trouble about drink driving or anything. I wanted to give up drinking so went to this local recovery service as recommended by my GP. Unknown to me the information I gave them about my drinking habits were passed onto the DVLA and they pretended that I had consented to this which is absolutely NOT true. My GP was sent a form to fill in from the DVLA which he did and which I have a copy of. Before I knew it I got a letter from the DVLA that my licence is revoked because thney have received information. This local service is now refusing to let me see the info they have sent. They say the worker sent the info via a link through the DVLA website and they have no copy. Ofcourse it makes appealing the ban without knowing what has been written about me more difficult as I do not know what to contest and what proof to bring about inaccuracies reported. I happen to have regular checks because of high blood pressure and all blood reports are clear.
How do I proceed from here? Is it true that there is a link on the DVLA site and they don't get a copy of what was written? How do I get hold of this information.
Thanks for your help
I can't comment specifically upon how this company would refer information over to the DVLA and it is possible that they are able to do so via a link online. However typically speaking as you will have seen from the information provided by your GP, a form is sent to any medical expert asking for their assessment. In any event I would find it surprising that they would not have a record of what information was sent to the DVLA.

If however they are denying that they have access to this information then the best course of action will be to request the information from the DVLA directly. The DVLA are obligated to send you this information should you request it, if there are then inaccuracies you can look to contest these.
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