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I personally have not been affected by drinking and driving but a friend of mine lost her boyfriend four years ago due to a drunk driver. He was 30 years old and driving home from work when a drunk driver crashed into him, killing him instantly. The drunk driver was only 19 years old. My friends life was shattered, she still has not got over it. So many lives ruined, my friends life, the family of her boyfriend, the 19 year old drunk driver who crashed into him and his family, so much misery for so many people. The sad thing is, it could have been prevented. Even sadder thing is, its an all too common occurance.
Sorry to hear about your friends boyfriend. It is a very sad story. I personally think all cars should be fitted with ignition interlocks as standard. More needs to be done to prevent drinking and driving. I would say at least half of the people I know have drunk drove at least once in their life.

I also think police should be allowed to just stop anyone at anytime who is driving a car and beathalyse them. If someone gets pulled over for a routine check, the police check if you have tax, car insurance, a driving license, no bald tyres etc etc. Basically they are checking to see if you are completely road legal. Breath testing should be a part of this routine IMO.
im very sorry 2 hear about ur friends boyfriend but there is not enough been done 2 prevent what is happening and when they get caught they mostly get away with it.u wouldnt believe the rows ive had with my boyfriend over allowing our kids 2 get in his fathers car after he would have a pint or 2,so i had 2 put a stop 2 it myself and not allow them 2 go 2 matches or days out like that.u need 2 stay strong 4 ur friend and let her no u will always be there 4 her,these people do not realise the damage that is being done until it actually happens 2 them.
it's really sad to hear your story.many people lose their loved ones due to drinking while driving. Hope people will take these stories as a lesson and do not drink while driving.
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