My friend had his licence revoked 3 years ago for telling his GP he was smoking cannubis - they will only still give him a 1 year restricted licence.

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As the title states my 28 year old friend had some trouble sleeping 3 years ago and started smoking cannubis,. He told his GP to get help to sleep and his GP obviously told the DVLA who then revoked his license for 12 months. He then reapplied, had the medical tests and passed them and they sent him a restricted 1 year licence, every year he goes through this and every time he has the medical he is clear as he doesnt smoke cannubis anymore.

He got the letter in september for the next medical with a dealine of 16th december to get the medical done. He works for the ambulance service, had had to self isolate due to covid twice and the doctor only has one appointment which he cant make because he is working. Theyre refusing to give him an extension on this deadline and say if he cant get the test done he will lose his licence.

How long is this going to carry on for? and will they not have to give an extension due to covid and self isolating? Thanks :)


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Tempoaray licences can extend annually for up to 6 years.
if they have not concluded their enquiries in time, he can drive under S88, see here:

He could check to see if there is another doctor in your area who could do the medical at a more convenient time for him. But if he finds one, he will have to argue with DVLA to allow him to change as they seem to get upset when drivers take matters in to their own hands,

Try this list, but not all of them are approved for DVLA HRO medical, it is actually a list of approved doctors for Maritime medicals but many of them do the DVLA ones So make sure you ask. They will want your M number which appears on letters from DVLA.