Hi I was caught drink driving with a reading of 92 I know this is high and I'm really worried about what is going to happen. I work full time and really need my car to get me to and from work. I have been suffering severley from depression and been on medication since my husband divorced me for another woman.
I've just started to get my life back on track as a single working mum. I have never done anything like this before even though about four years ago I was drunk at a party and had to go to court for hitting someone.

Can you please advise me?
From scared and depressed woman.
With a reading of 92 micgrogrammes in breath you will be liable for a disqualification of 23 - 28 months and a community order. A community order can take a variety of forms, for example unpaid work, supervision, curfew etc.

The factors which you have mentioned will serve as useful mitigation. In your case, due to the level of the reading it may be possible to persuade the Court not to impose a community order and to deal with the matter by way of a financial penalty.

This would require a well-prepared plea of mitigation. If you would like to discuss your case with one of our specialist lawyers please feel free to call 0845 002 0736.

Carl Johnson
Drink Driving Solicitor
On behalf of Sean Joyce
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