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My son ,a named driver on my comprehensive policy. My insurance wont pay costs to myself or third party, is this legal, they say that iam responsible for cost to third party as he was drink driving, thanks Dee
I would need more detail before I would be able to advise on this matter.

In general terms, it is common for insurers to seek an indemnity where there has been a drink-driving related accident. This means that they will ask the policyholder to underwrite any costs which they are required to pay.

Alternatively an insurer may simply seek to void the policy and terminate their agreement.

I would need to clarify what exactly has happened in this case before I could properly advise you as to where you stand.

Kind regards,

Carl Johnson
Drink Driving Solicitor
On behalf of Sean Joyce


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Re insuranc invalid

Thanks for your reply regarding drink driving incident. My insurance have invalidated my policy from the date of the incident, because my son was drink driving, they state under the road traffic act 1988, they are not responsible for cost to me or any third partys. As my policy is comprehensive are they not liable for third partys regardless of the drink driving incident. My son has been charged and banned from driving due to this incident. It does state in the policy they will not pay for any loss or damage due to any drink or drug related incident. Does this also apply also to any third party, as he hit a parked car. Could you advise how this will affect me and will i have to go to court to pay third party costs. Thanks Dee
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