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Blew 89ug on New Years Eve and was arresred. In court this month. Was disqualified from driving for 6months through totting up points which ended on the 15.08.2010. Would it be benefit me to have a solicitor for this matter and if so what would be the cost.
An offence of driving with excess alcohol, with a reading of 89ug in breath, would attract a disqualification of between 17 - 22 months and a fine. On a first offence you should be offered the chance to attend a drink driving rehabilitation course, the successful completion of which will result in your disqualification being reduced by up to 25%.

The 6 month disqualification for totting up should not affect the sentence. This will only be relevant if you have received two periods of disqualification in excess of 56 days within the last 3 years.

The benefit of instructing a solicitor is that you will ensure that your mitigation is properly prepared and, most importantly, properly presented. If you would like to contact myself or a member of the team to discuss your case and to discuss likely fees, please call 0845 002 0736.

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Carl Johnson
Drink Driving Solicitor
On behalf of Sean Joyce
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