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Good afternoon,​

I recently drove my car into town to attend a night out with the intent of collecting the vehicle the next day as i was going out for a drink. But i drank to much, attempted to drive home and got pulled by the police with a breath reading of 112.​

I have never done it before, have a clean licence, no previous convictions and am terrified of going to court.​

How is best to prepare for court?
What should i expect?​

Kind regards​
For an offence of driving with excess alcohol, with a reading of 112ug in breath, you will be liable for a disqualification of 23 - 28 months and a community order. The Court should give you the opportunity to attend a drink driving rehabilitation course, the successful completion of which will result in your disqualification being reduced by up to 25%.

The best way to prepare for Court is to seek specialist advice on mitigation with a view to keeping the sentence at the lower end of the range. To discuss your case with a member of our team please call 0845 002 0736.

Kind regards,

Carl Johnson
Drink Driving Solicitor
On behalf of Sean Joyce
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