medichecks result... absolutely mortified


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My ban is due to end on 15 April this year.
Although in the previous 3 years throughout the ban I was averaging on nearly a bottle of wine per night, from Christmas/new year 2018 to now I drastically reduced to a point where Im sharing a bottle of prosecco with my son over the weekend
I got my medichecks result yesterday and Im horrified to read that it is nearly 5%.
As well as 'kissing goodbye to obtaining a driving licence in the future due to the fact i would have to pass the medical,, Ive been wracking my brains / researching online to fathom out why my reading was so high... and also terrified what this means for my health? The doctor from medichecks did not give any explanation, just the result.
After thinking and researching, I'll add a bit of personal history in that in 2012 I was at an extremely low point in my life and took a huge paracetamol overdose which resulted in me nearly needing a liver transplant (no alcohol involved, just pills) and ever since then, I have been unable to take some antibiotics due to episodes of sweating/shaking/dry retching.... Im wondering if that could have contributed in some way and whether previous liver damage through overdoses can effect CDT?

Even with the "half life" of CDT, Im looking at another 2 months before it technically could go down to acceptable levels, but im wondering if theres a possibility if it NEVER go down, even if i abstain from the weekend prosecco.
Im not taking vitamins, just plenty of filtered water / homemade soups type of thing.
I just dont understand... and its not like i can go to my GP as when i eventually DO go for the medical the DVLA will ask the question "have you been to see your GP in the last few years?"

At my wits end here and rather upset as its been a long 40 months.
No friends to talk to about it and dont want to upset my Mum as she's been through enough with me already and spent much of last night thinking i may as well resign myself to the fact that I may never get back on the road at all.

Sorry for the negative post, as i have been trying to stay positive throughout but now i just feel like giving up.


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Hi Rosie I think you should definitely quit alcohol for now at least, It might be worth another Medi check in 4 weeks time to evaluate, I think if your still concerned about the state of your liver there's nothing stopping you having a little chat with DOC without mentioning alcohol(so the DVLA should have no interest) your livers history should give you good reasons for sound simple follow up advice

I forget if you were classed dependant or just HRO, If dependant you are supposed to be abstinent for a year,
Am sorry to hear about your past but you definitely still have a future? Don't think the worse 5 is not of the scale I believe 12 is and your not even half way!
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Yes, your right. I naively thought abstaining for working nights and enjoying a few glasses on fri/sat would be well within the govt guidelines, but I never took into account possible damage from abusing it the previous years and possible long-term damage from the overdose.
After 24 hours fretting, Ive basically just accepted it and moved on. I think I'll adopt a much healthier lifestyle and try the test again in 6-8 weeks time and see what my "bassline" is then..
and if it hasnt come down at least a little bit by then, then there MUST be an underlying issue to which Im going to have to go to the doctors.


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you mentioned 2 months for CDT to drop acceptable levels ! It might not take that long however!

If you truly go abstinent 4 weeks I would not wait 6-8 weeks for a recheck , drink 2 lts water a day exercise walking briskly eat healthy and recheck @ 4 week, this sudden change in lifestyle plus within a 4 week period would give a better understanding of what's happening with liver than waiting 8 weeks.

like I said your CDT is not alarming it's high and very interesting to see your next results 4 weeks time